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elevated (berm) flower bed. . . tell me your opinions please

7 years ago

I have a semi shade (bright shade) bed I am revamping. . . it is along a very long 6' fence, I want to add height and variety. I decided MAY want to add some height in a few places. The shade line is approx 2' out from the fence (about to the front of the snow on the mountain in the 1st pic. This bed is southern exposure but the fence makes it a shade bed (hence the bright shade)

I did some research on the pros and cons of berm beds and there were some mixed opinions. So, I came to the experts. . . You guys!

I'm hoping, but not expecting it to cut down on the slugs. . .

My biggest concern is wintering the perennials. They will not be in the ground so to speak, will they still be ok? Also, I have sprinklers along the fence, I don't want to dig them out. Can I just keep the berm on either side of them? The berm won't be so tall the sprinklers can't spray over them. They are the stationary 1/2 circle sprinklers.

From what I read, they suggest using something as a filler so there isn't a hill of soil. I expect my rise to be less than 10-12 inches. Do I need to bother with a filler? If I do use a filler, can I use old bricks? I have a ton that I'm not using.

This picture is how the bed looks now.

I will remove everything,and rearrange when the bed is done. These pictures are kind of stitched together but there is a small (young) ornamental apple tree you can see on the right that prevents me from getting a picture of whats behind it. Whats behind it is just an old ladder to the left of the flower box on the fence.

Here's my plan. I don't know if you can tell in the drawing or not, but the elevation will be to the right of the sand cherry and continue to the ladder. (the wood leg of the ladder is at the bottom of the tree canopy to the right in the pic) The sand cherry will go in the ground and I will graduate the incline to include the old wheel, pump, hosta, tub with pink flowers in it and the green bush then slope back down to the right.

The pic below is the right side, where I plan to add a berm gradually from the hydrangea to the hosta on the right of the wheel barrow. Keeping it all low at the front of the bed.

I can't wait to see what you guys think !

Debi in Montana

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