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Some first blooms ever--and other first blooms of the season

dublinbay z6 (KS)
7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

I've been working on my hybrid musk collection the past couple years and planted a couple new ones last year. This year they bloomed for the first time.

Here's Felicia--I love her! No big formal, showy blooms, but smaller delicate--almost slovenly, but a lovely slovenly in bloom.

Here's a solitary Felicia bloom, still looking rather neat.

Not the best pic, but this is Felicia the bush--the blooms lovely ruffly from the side. See all the buds?

Here is Cornelia HM--the color isn't that different from Felicia's, but the individual blooms are a bit neater. This is the first time ever for these two new roses to bloom for me.

Not the best pic and my camera could not handle its delicate shade, nearly white. This is Clothilde Soupert, a sprawling polyantha climber--first time blooming for me.

You can get an idea of the size of Clothilde growing here behind the "black" iris called "Superstition." Lots and lots of buds on Clothilde.

I know--no blooms here yet--but this is the new one I've been waiting to see for 3-4 years now--Boule de Neige, a Bourbon/Noisette. I've only had her for 1 year, but it took several years of searching to locate one to buy. Look at all those buds--I can't wait to see it bloom!

Back to more familiar types--here's Molineux contrasting so nicely with purple salvia. First bloom of this season.

Another first-of-the-season bloom--Austin's Wedgewood climber. This is a pretty one.

Easter Basket is opening up a pale yellow/ivory shade, but should soon start showing that faint pink blush it shows off so charmingly. (That's Cora Stubbs peony behind her.)

I have a couple more pics I'll include in a separate post since I've reached my limit here.

Hope you enjoyed these.


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