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Can I transition the paint color here?

8 years ago

We're remodeling our kitchen, down to the studs, and will need to paint the kitchen and a little L-shaped hallway off the kitchen (which will be getting the new kitchen floor as well). We figured we'd paint the hallway the same color as the kitchen, but the more I think about it, the less I like that idea.

We plan to repaint the main hallway soon after the kitchen is done, and part of that small L-hallway wall is visible from the main hallway. I'm guessing the previous owners didn't want to deal with it, so the entire hallway (incl. upstairs) and kitchen are all one color.

Is there any way to transition the color here, on this wall with doorways? After the remodel, the very right, where you see counter now, will be a floor-to-ceiling pantry cabinet. The doorway with the junk on the floor is the DR. The next doorway is the main hallway. The rest of the pics show the other views, including the view from the main hallway; the wall with the paint samples will be half removed so you will see into the kitchen.

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