Help for my open floor plan living area

Katarina Nidar
5 years ago


We just bought our first house and we would like to repaint the kitchen/living/dinning area. So here is how our place looks like: it's an L shaped space (there is a sketch below), where the long L part is the combined living and dinning and the other part is the kitchen. The kitchen is separated from the rest with a "half wall". Kitchen has white cabinets and dark grey countertop. I would love to have blue/aqua kitchen walls, but I don't like the idea of blue in the living area. I would love for the rest of the space to be somehow very pale warm greyish, but I have no idea on how to get to the right paint for that. I definitely do not want any yellow tones (the living is now soft yellow and I hate is as it looks a bit outdated). There is a big sliding door covering almost all the wall on the side where kitchen and living room meet. This door is facing to the east. There is also a window on the opposite wall (so facing west). Ps. I live quite up north so not somewhere with abundance of sunny and super bright days.

Any ideas about paint color or suggestions would be very appreciated.


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