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I'm at a loss as to what to do.

7 years ago

What would you suggest I do to make this look cohesive? I'm keeping my appliances...except for the range I would like to get a slide in. I would like to paint the cabinets white. I go back and forth on tiling under cabinets or just doing a trim around the counter. I need to paint the walls but have know idea what color. I also would like new hardware. I love the granite (leathered black pearl) but wish I would've just gone with a light color and been done with it. We may or may not be selling...depends on my husbands job. I'm afraid what I like may not work for resale. I was so excited about updating my's been almost a year since we started and all I've done is pick granite and that took 5 months. (5 months of no counters and no sink) I want a pretty kitchen! Any advice would be appreciated.

The other end of the room from the kitchen....I would like to replace all the furniture but it all depends on if we move.

Would you paint the built-in to the right white or a color? The table is going to be painted/refinished. Thanks!

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