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Miami Mami...THANK YOU!!

8 years ago

Patricia...Thank you again for the Tide with a Touch of Clean Breeze Downy powder and the Finish dishwasher tabs with Glass Protection.

The detergent smells great, and works great too. It was a little sudsy, but a lot of detergents have been too sudsy for me for lately. But, after the 3rd Rinse, it was acceptable. Smells GREAT though!!!! Fresh, light and very old fashioned!

The Finish tabs are AWESOME!!! I used Electrasol tabs and then Finish for years, but like many of us, my glasses and glassware got etched very badly. Maybe they have fixed it now?! Everything was left shiny, smooth, polished, CLEAN and perfect using your tabs! Stainless, glasses, casseroles, plates, flatware.....perfect!

Thanks love!!! xo

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