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Unknown Citrus tree identification and pruning

John Spitznagel
7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Me and my wife bought our house last August. Only recently did we find out that one of the trees in our backyard is a citrus tree. This spring there were lots of flowers which smelled amazing. The flowers have now turned to fruit and we are waiting to see what type of fruit is produced. Note that neither me nor my wife know much about citrus trees. I noticed that there were two different types of leaves on the tree, so I figured the tree was grafted. Only the bottom part of the tree (single leaves) produced flowers/fruit. The other ~75% of the tree (compound leaves) did not produce flowers, Should I trim back the non-flowering part of the tree? I've attached photos of the tree if anyone can tell us what type of tree it is. Thanks.

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