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Those darn corners - Please help with my awkward kitchen layout!

C Gia
7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

I've been struggling with my kitchen design for many months and need some fresh insight! I recently finished a bathroom and really regret not posting here because there are some mistakes. This is a circa 1925 end-of-row home with a dining room in the middle of the house and a back patio off the kitchen. We are doing a gut renovation and can move plumbing around and change walls; however, there is a fancy inlay border in the dining room floor that I don't want to lose (I am OK stealing a couple inches/a row or two from it), and I would strongly prefer to not alter windows for budgetary reasons. We are adding insulation and framing out new exterior walls, so there is definitely a fudge factor in my measurements. For the cabinets, we are going with Ikea boxes and Barker doors - mostly slab, though I was playing around with mixing in some Shaker. We are also planning on framing out a space in the corner for either a W/D or pantry. Missing from this drawing are shelves to the right of the stove. Excuse my poor Sketchup skills!

The run by the sink is: 24", DW, 30" sink base, 47" blind corner cab. The run by the range is: 18" base + range + 15" base. This is my ideal plan, but I can't steal quite that much space from the dining room without ruining the inlay border (you can see lines of where the old wall would be in the upper right corner of the first drawing). If I shift everything back a couple inches (~4"), the sink will be off centered an awkward amount. I think I could maybe ignore it if I "weighed" the right side down with something like an integrated drainboard, but that seems like an overcomplication. This is what it would look like without cutting into the dining room floor (imagine the uppers are centered):

I could nudge the sink over a couple inches, but not enough to center it.

Option B: If I switch out the blind corner base cabinet for a standard, lazy Susan corner, it solves the problem of centering the sink, but then the range and sink seem too close together. I often cook with my SO, and that doesn't look like enough space for someone to work at the stove while someone is at the sink.

I could add a 15" bank of drawers in between the corner cabinet and the stove and reduce the size of the drawers to the right of the stove from 24" to 15", but then I'd have to steal space from the doorway. I was hoping to have a wide doorway there to give a more open feeling to the house even though I am keeping the separate dining room.

I'm also not sure how to integrate seating into the equation. I was planning on a breakfast bar at window height (~40") looking out over the patio, but that corner looks really disjointed right now. Maybe I should stick to counter height?

These compromises are so tough! Any suggestions?

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