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Please help me finalize my kitchen plans! :)

Amanda K.
7 years ago

Hoping to order cabinets soon (probably RTA) and need to finalize what to order. We are removing a wall to open up the dining/living room to the kitchen and give us the space for an island. Removing the wall removes the pantry, so we are adding a wall of pantry cabinets as well. All the old cabinets are going. We don't want to move any water or gas, but if you think moving something would make a world of difference we might be open to it. The fridge has a little wiggle room, but I don't want it too close to the window to the right of it.

My biggest issues are the trash, where to put a slotted tray divider cabinet (don't want it above the fridge), and the island.

I would like a two can pull out trash, and for now the end of the run by the door seems the best spot, though the island is a possible option.

The tray divider cabinet could go by the trash or possibly by the stove. I've never had one so I'm not sure where would be best.

The island is a big ??? I would like drawers, smaller up top for cutlery and larger below for pans and bakeware. But the size of drawers and how many sets, etc., I'm not sure of. We have a little bit of space to grow or shrink it. I would like to keep the dimensions within the L of the main kitchen cabinets, but that's just an OCD thing, not necessarily the best?? Also not sure how to style the sides/supports for the overhang. Thinking a wider (3"?) panel that extends the full way. This would also leave room for outlets on both ends.

Other random bits:

Cabinets are going to be white shaker, possible gray or blue on the island, white w/ gray quartz counters.

I'm partial to drawers in the lower cabinets.

Microwave is above the stove.

Fridge is a side by side.

We chose 18" depth pantry cabinets so they won't overhang the sliding door area too far or encroach in the walkway, and so they aren't so deep as to need pull out trays. This is flexible if you think we should do something else. I've never used pantry cabinets, only walk-in pantries before.

Ceiling is 8' at the door/window wall and slants up to peak above the window that starts to the right of the fridge.

I would love to have a separate smaller cabinet above 30" wall cabinets to make the full 40" rather than one single tall one, but from prices I've looked at I don't think they will fit in the budget.

I chose 40" as the height of the uppers to leave room for crown before hitting the 8' lowest part of the ceiling. I'm also open to a multi height set-up, but couldn't figure out one that looked good.

The desk is a take it or leave it thing. Kind of added it in for looks since we have all our officey stuff in a different area, but would probably be used for mail sorting and such.

We are a family of four who does the usual daily cooking, but not excessive foodies. We rarely entertain.

I'm new to all this, so please let me know if I've forgotten an important piece of info. And thank you in advance for all your help!!

(Hopefully you can read my drawings!)

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