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Need advice for new bermuda sod

6 years ago

I recently laid tif419 Bermuda in my 2000 sq foot back yard. Prior to laying the sod I rent a sod cutter to remove my pre-existing St. Augustine. I then rototilled it to 6 inches. Unfortunately I have very clay heavy soil. I added about 2 inches of a compost/top soil/mulch/sand mixture and raked in doing my best to level it. I also rolled the lawn prior to laying sod.

A little more than two weeks later, we have had torrential rain in Houston. Almost 8 inches or so. Luckily, where I live flood control is excellent. However, there is a section of my yard that does not drain well. I am assuming is it a combination of the clay heavy soil and low lying areas. The sod is VERY soft and feels like it shifts when I walk on it but only in this area. And there is one particular area that is almost muddy. This was even before all the rain.

Should I give it a couple more weeks to settle, go back over with a roller? Should I topdress it? What can I do to firm up the soil?

I will try and post some pictures later.

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