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How to best help my ficus lyrata

riley foxe
7 years ago


I have owned a 10 year old ficus for the past 2 years. It has been growing wonderfully in my apartment in Brooklyn.

However, I recently went away for 3 months, and my subletter (who was thoroughly instructed on care, and who agreed to care for it...I even offered to have a friend come by to water if they didn't want to care for it! ugh.) neglected it horribly.

It has lost almost all leaves- only a few at the top of each stem are left. One stem (the one in the middle of the photo) has 2 small leaves at the base.

How should I encourage more growth? Will any of the lower leaves grow back? What do I do!?

This ficus has been super happy for almost 2 years, with minimal care, so I feel a little in over my head.


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