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Organic Lawn Care Help?

6 years ago

I'm a new home owner taking on a lawn for the first time. It's a pretty small lawn. And I'm in California. Zip Code: 90041

Anyways, there's a few problem areas in the lawn that I would love advice on. I broke it down into 3 parts and then at the bottom came up with a solution. But, I have no idea if I'm way off. I'd like to do this all organically.

1.) While most of the lawn is at a certain height right now, there are new "super strong" grass popping up all around. They look like this and are thicker and harder to cut than the grass around it. Is this a weed? I have a feeling when I go to cut this with my manual reel mower that I might have some trouble getting them to cut.

2.) There are some light brown patches and some areas where no grass is growing:

3.) And last but not least, these types of weeds or crab grass? Thankfully not a lot of these.


Here's the plan I came up with:
1. Use the Manual Reel Mower to cut the Lawn.
2. If those big weed looking things are trouble, use the ol electric weed-whacker.
3. Use a Weeder to get all the dandelion type weeds out of the lawn. With this: 
4. Use an aerator on the whole lawn. Like these:
5. Use "lawn restore" from Ringer. (Side question: do I need to purchase a spreader or something for this? We don't have a ton of room in the garage, so if we do it has to be small/portable.) 
6. I believe "lawn restore" requires a 3 day process of watering, etc.
7. Once that process is done, go and spot treat any problem areas (crabgrass and other weeds) with this Crabgrass Killer.
8. From there I guess I would repeat this 4 times a year for each season?

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