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Paint gurus....Manchester Tan paint fail:(

7 years ago

Long story short, we used Manchester Tan for my oldest's co op. Looks great, she has natural light.

I read that Manchester Tan is great even in dark rooms. Youngest has a c op same exposure but closed in by large buildings. So, dark. It looks totally different and I don't care for it.

I learned that the contractor color matched with HD, in both spaces. And of course is saying the lighting changes things.

I agree. I really felt the Manchester would work. I really didn't have time to travel in to test options.

My question to you is: The contractor wants to finish molding and lighting. If I still don't like it, he will paint with BM Manchester Tan. Do you think this will help?

My DH feels we can't change the color entirely because then we would need two coats. Would one coat of another beige/greige color work? What color? I wanted to stay neutral.


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