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New Tide Odor Rescue pods. GOOD and the BAD

8 years ago

Of course when Laundry Mitch emailed me a pic of these, I immediately have to had them. Because you know I need more detergent like Donald Trump needs more Golden Apricot hair colour and hairspray, LOL

Target only had two left...the shelves looked panicky & picked out :-O I grabbed both, but gifted one to a dear friend, who loves pods!

They smell very good. Of course a little P&G sweet, but not offensive.

With warm or lightly hot water (105-120F) and a large load, they were a little sudsy, but the suds break down rather quickly and all 3 rinses were pretty decent!

BAD part.....DO NOT USE these with HOT water. I did a very large load of white cotton towels, 140F. OMG, OMFG!! The suds literally!! were coming up thru my detergent tray. I was a few inches from being an I Love Lucy episode :-O

I quickly dumped about 1/2 cup of Up & Up Spring Bloom softener down the detergent tray, and within seconds almost all the suds collapsed.

I will now do 5 DEEP water rinses, to make sure all suds are gone from towels and my machine. I will then follow up and run my LiGi with some STPP and no laundry to clean her out.

Crisis dodged, but a close call!!!

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