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Please help me make my peace lily healthy again. (photos included)

7 years ago

I'm clearly in need of some direction on what to do with my sad
plant. I'm almost certain it could use repotting but I haven't done it
yet in fear of outright killing the poor thing.

I water it once a week give or take, it doesn't often wilt, and
blooms frequently. This plant is very dear to me because it was given to
me by a friend about four years ago... but it's never been deep green
like the ones I see at garden stores.

I've lived in several places since I've had it and have kept it in different spots of rooms varying in sunlight exposure.

Should I repot it? The current one is about 12" in width at the top. If so, how big should I go? What kind of soil should I use?

I live in a very humid climate... I'm in 10a or 9b depending on the hardiness map if this helps any. Thanks in advance!

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