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Revisiting - Fine Hair

8 years ago

I wanted to follow up on the post from 6 weeks ago (almost exactly) because I am at the same place I was then-- a few days before my hair appt. I can't tell you how much better my hair has been the two weeks prior to the next appt. I credit a few things for this..

1. I had my hair cut a wee bit shorter than the previous time.. and she put in a wee bit more color. I don't like to add color even though it give me more volume .. because then I tend towards TOO blonde. I don't want all over color or the bleached blonde look.

2. Product improvements - most specifically the Aveda Hair Tonic and Keratase Ciment Thermique. Both help in different ways and I have no problem using them together.

3. Stopping the search for "someone else's hair" and embracing the hair I have. This has been my motto for 25+ yrs but when I had a run of bad hair, I started looking for something that would give me much more volume. Instead, I got a bit more-- and also much healthier hair which made the hair I have look its best. It's shiny and moves and falls back into place.

I didnt think I had particularly unhealthy hair... and I stand by that. But the extra health kick from the keratase did make a noticeable difference.

I did try the velcro rollers and I am going to go without for now-- not because they don't work but because they work best and go in best if you are using a curling iron or flat iron. I don't have either and I don't want to add an appliance. I did use the hair dryer but it is much more awkward and less precise. Just not worth it to me. I did confirm that I prefer using them on just barely damp hair.. though one day (the rare day) I went out without washing my hair, it did give a little boost to my dry, dirty hair (ahaha.. I cringe to even type that!)

I have my next appt on Saturday and this time I am not counting the minutes-- I can tell that I am just about ready for the next appt but I am still having "good hair days". If something happened that I had to delay a week, I'd be fine. I call this a win all around!

Anyone else had good luck with new products or techniques?

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