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Ideas for new landscaping and walkway - front yard zone 5b / 6a

8 years ago

Either this year or next we need to redo / replace our sidewalk. It's hard to see in the pictures but the walk has fallen so that it now slopes away from the house and side to side. It's 28 years old. We can redo brick or use another material. We can stick with the right angle L shaped walk or do something else. I took out all the yews left of the door last year but haven't taken them out on the right side yet.

I've never liked how the birch trees obscure the front entrance. All you notice from the street is the big garage doors. I can get a bid on how much it will cost to remove them but it will be quite a bit I expect. The hickory trees left of the driveway belong to the neighbor.

So this is a good time to re-envision the whole planting scheme. We can get started with that even if we don't do the walk until next year. Reading through this forum has been useful. I hadn't thought of widening the walk until then, but that would be a great idea I think.

Any suggestions on walkway material and/or shape, what needs to be removed, what to add to enhance the appearance of the house would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for any and all suggestions!

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