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Aloe vera in pumice?

6 years ago

Probably should have asked before I went and did this, but I managed to inflict root rot on my poor Aloe vera over the winter. I had purchased a lot of plastic pots, and thought I drilled drainage holes in all, but apparently missed one last fall. *facepalm*. It was in a cactus mix with 20% perlite, and a too tall pot.

I stopped watering, and began hunting for an appropriate pot, something squat with good drainage. For the life of me I wasn't able to find one, and broke down today and bought one that is still taller than I would like, but feels incresibly porous to the touch, much more so than average tera cotta pot. I potted my Aloe up after cutting off bad roots (most had some decent bits left, one is already growing new ones) and dusting in cinamon. I have to wait on proper gritty mix for now, so went with pure crushed pumice. Will this work, or would this one appreciate some finer particles as well?

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