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New plantings for new front yard (hydrangeas, ornamental grasses) 6b

8 years ago

We recently added a portico and resided the front of our garrison colonial in Marblehead, MA. Now trying to come up with a nice design for landscaping. We hired a landscape designer but he didn't seem to hear a word we said and came up with a busy design that did not suit us.

We like a 'clean' and simple design with minimal upkeep. Ideally would just need a Spring/Fall cleanup to be done by local landscape company. Other than watering, would be nice to have a very low maintenance design.

Both of us like hydrangeas (prefer blue) and my wife favors using an ornamental grass and possibly a rock element to help soften the facade of the house.

Soil is somewhat rocky but moist; zone 6b along the coast. Get morning sun til about 11am or noon.

I was thinking of Endless Summer and Let's Dance Moonlight hydrangeas (one on each side of portico) as well as tree form Limelight hydrangeas on end. One grass (Karl Forseter?) on sides of columns. Still need some evergreen so we don't have sticks for 6 months out of the year and not sure if this is too boring/symmetrical.

My photoshopped version is below.

Appreciate your thoughts!


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