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Staggering climbing roses/multiple C.R.

8 years ago

Guys, i need help. i have an arbor at the entrance of my front walkway. I currently have a lady banks yellow rose on the right hand side and on the left which gets mostly shade due to a tree, there is a climbing jasmine. My lady banks is gorgeous but it only blooms for about 3-4 weeks. All the blooms are now drying up. :( So sad! I have heard that you can plant multiple roses to stagger them for different heights. I'm a newbie so please excuse my lingo. i was wondering if i can do this for blooms as well. meaning, i want to plant something else that blooms a little later and continuously blooms until fall.

Can i do this? has anyone tried doing this and how successful will it be or has it been for you?

i'm in Dallas, Tx zone 7/8, i'm going to say it's full sun because i'm been keeping a good eye on it today and sun mostly hits there all day until closer to the evening.

thanks everyone!!!

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