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Farmhouse Plan- Review and help with mudroom

6 years ago

We just closed on 160 acres of land and I am so excited that it is all real this time! I've been following this board for a couple years, always dreaming of my own future home. I've had my head in the clouds in the past; buying and building on new land was a far off fantasy. Thankfully I've discarded some horrible plans over the years, and learned so much from everyone's shared wisdom and advice.

We are in our 30's, with a 7 yr old boy and 10 yr old girl from my boyfriend's previous relationship (they are with us some weekends and holidays). We are looking in a few years to have children of our own.

The property is 160 acres in a rural, farming setting, about 30 minutes from a small town. We have a farm with all sorts of animals and gardens. The property is mostly wooded/pasture with.

The plan I found pretty much fit us to perfection. It suits our site and orientation (Screen porch faces South, Entrance to the East), and I think it's so charming, yet functional with alot of our wants in a home. (Open concept kitchen/dining/living room, 1 bedroom and bath on main floor (2nd door for bath access close to entry/mudroom), screened porch (16' x 16', probably convert by adding windows, use it as sunroom in winter with a small wood stove), covered verandas, lots of windows, wood stove, basement, modest square footage).

We don't need a fancy, separate entrance for guests, but I do need a functioning mudroom with nearby laundry and boots/coats storage (we have all 4 seasons of weather) to help keep the farm mess from the rest of the house. I'm not totally happy with the mudroom, I think it's a bit awkward but maybe I can find some help with that here.

I've made some changes to the main floor and upstairs bathrooms, expanded the mudroom footprint, and improved the bedroom closets.

Before I go back to the architect of the plans, I wanted to 'vett' my changes and the overall plan with you guys first.

The link below is to the actual house built from the plan I found on Houzz. The architect also posted the original plans in the comments section of a photo.

The original plan was 3060 SF for basement, main level and 2nd floor before my changes, but I haven't calculated what is is now.

Holly Ridge Farmhouse

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