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Shower Grout Cracked Again

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago
We had our shower re-grouted 5 months ago due to the shower leaking into the kitchen below. Its been 5 months and the grouting has cracked again (hair line crack across 4 tiles in the corner). I've read existing discussions on this site and the reasons could be:

Water damage still present
Poor shower fixtures causing movement
General house moving with climate changes

I live in the UK and its April so the third option is likely. It was also fixed by "professionals" who at the time messed up other areas of the house so I doubt they installed the shower to a high standard.
What would you advise to ensure that the fixing and water damage won't cause further damage? The company I called out last time simply re-grouted the shower and didn't investigate the problem. I'd like advice on what to ask them to do now.
hank you!

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