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Florida Front Yard Plant Help Needed (Pic Heavy!)

8 years ago

Hello all! This is my first post on this forum and I am new to trying to grow stuff so please bear with me. I purchased my home about a year ago and (I think) the yard is in need of some changes. It's a new construction in a new development so the plants are still pretty small. I'm honestly not even sure what kind of plants most of them are. I'd like to improve the aesthetics of these beds, maybe introduce some colors. I've looked at various plants but it's a bit overwhelming for someone so inexperienced. I'm willing to take the time to learn and understand what I'm doing but can use some advice in the meantime. I'd like to keep it simple and use plants that are hardy in Florida weather. I'd also like to replace the hedges along the side of the house with some evergreen flowering plants that would look nice year round, even when not flowering. I'm considering putting in edging stones between the mulch and grass and replacing the bark mulch with a red shredded mulch (maybe rubber?) to help make the beds pop. Again, any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated.

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