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hvbrid perpetual "wild missouri" bloomed

garden nut z9b
6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

got some blooms today

great grandparents rustled it in a overgrown abandonded field around 1910 tall upright about 6-8 ft does get a bare base and is very vigorous with a moderate fragrance

Comments (6)

  • smithdale1z8pnw
    6 years ago

    What a beauty, certainly is a survivor & I ignorantly thought HPs' were prima donnas!


  • garden nut z9b
    Original Author
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    this plant is trouper survived years of relatives hacking it to nothing and has seems to do well in rather shady spot never without blooms ive noticed its damask/old rose fragrance intensifies with its flushes . currently propogating it , it will be intersting to see how its suckers do now that i moved them to full sun. ive tried in the past to officially id it but nothing comes close

  • Prettypetals_GA_7-8
    6 years ago

    Bloom is very pretty. Love all those buds!! Judy

  • ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9
    6 years ago

    I've never heard of this one; it certainly has the typical habit of a perpetual. How neat that you have this unknown rose. I hope you'll show more pictures when the rose is in full bloom. What a tough survivor it is.

  • kittymoonbeam
    6 years ago

    Oh that's cute! They can be tough. I had a piece of root grow a large shrub in only a few hours of sun. I was dividing a bush of La reine there and soil with a root stayed behind. For the first few years, it had a few blooms and this year is covered. I am going to move it this winter. It gets the least sun of any of the roses and still forges ahead like a wild forest rose.

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