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Bathroom Lighting Plan Thoughts?

7 years ago

Work in Progress · More Info

I'm curious about feedback for my bathroom lighting plan? This plan shows main and vanity lighting, both on separate switches. The ceiling in this room is 8', the two long walls will be polished travertine and others will be white. Main lights are the red circles and are Cree/Ecosmart 4" LEDs at 575 lumens/2,700K. Spacing is roughly every 4.' The three red bars are vertical vanity lights, Lightology Twiggy S1 lens at 1,070 lumens/2,700K/92 CRI. They are spaced at the ends of the vanity and at the midpoint (3.25 ft from either end).

The room is about 11'8" from the entrance (lower left) to the opposite wall, 12.5' going left/right (the room to the right of the vanity is the closet). The shower, tub area and water closet already have their own lighting figured out and those are not shown.

Does this look like it will work out ok, or is there too much, too little or is it in the wrong places? Thanks in advance!

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