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Help! Please help style my Styless home!

6 years ago

I live in a historic district in a vintage home that has been added on to several times over the years. As a result, the exterior my home lacks a definitive style. I have recently moved in and am desperately trying to give the home some character and would love to give it a modern cottage look if possible. So far, Ive added a new mailbox, removed the old faux vinyl shutters and beefed up the trim around all of he windows. To be front porch, I've added columns and a railing, barn style light fixtures and a tile floor. I've also installed a craftsman style front door and lock set. My plan is to paint all of the trim/woodwork white, paint the front door Aqua and paint the cement fascia of the porch the same color as the porch floor. There is a mammoth AC unit on the side of he house that I would like to cover with a vinyl Lattice fence. I planned to add floating house numbers as well. Besides that, I am stumped. I have no idea what I should do in terms of landscaping. I feel like I should remove the sections of concrete closest to the house and add plants, but I'm not sure if that's a good idea or what kind of landscaping I should add. I also would like a walkway from the driveway to the front door, but what shape/material? Restore driveway? I think planters would look nice on the front porch next to the door but not sure what kind of containers would look nice. I also would love a tree but am completely lost. Would also love a short white picket fence. Please please help me. Are my instincts right? Am I on the right track? Is there any way to save this non description home? Please be brutally honest. I welcome all suggestions. Btw, my planting zone is 9b.

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