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Telescopic Downdraft versus Ceiling Mount Vents - BEST

8 years ago

I've bought a JennAir Induction 36" cooktop which is going to be installed in front of a window so no room for a 'proper' hood. I have never used a vent but from reading the forums it is best to have one. I really do not want to lose the cabinet space to vent a downdraft but other than putting it on the ceiling that it the only option. I do have room to either directly vent outside, if that is possible to get a blower outside in the elements (we live in the snow belt in Canada), in the basement or in the attic space. I have looked at the BEST Cattura Telescopic Downdraft which seems kind of awesome? But I did notice that their CIRRUS model can vent 72" above the cooking surface up on the ceiling. Does anyone have either of these? Do they work fabulously? Do you get grease on the ceiling with the CIRRUS? Or just not worry about it ... I have already gone 40 years without :) Pictures would be nice if someone has one installed?? Finding a price on these on-line is providing difficult too! Thanks so much!

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