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Black Cherry Trees (Keep them or remove them) seeking opinions

I'm looking for opinions on whether or not I should remove 3 black cherry trees from my backyard (or some of the three).

They have been there since we moved in in 2006, and at one time there were five of them. We took down one that was about significantly taller and at least 3x the trunk diameter because the tree was 1/2 dead and the other tree was about the same size as the remaining trees but was leaning towards the house and had a lot dead limbs in it. We have noticed that these trees tend to break frequently and Cherry #3 in picture was heavily damaged in the 2014 winter storms we had here.

Here is my dilemma. I have planted some maple trees) over the years and I want to to think about how things will look down the road and not just today.

As you can see from the picture, my 10 year old autumn blaze is very large, but will continue to fill in that area. Red Maple #2 is still relatively small because it doesn't receive much sun, but it's from my dad's property and has some sentimental value, so I would like to keep that and give it some room for growth. It's about 25 feet from the sugar maple and Autumn Blaze maple. The Commemoration Sugar maple is really doing well an I know that will get quite large over time, and the other Red Maple on the right side of my yard is also taking shape very nicely and will continue to grow.

Every year it seems the cherry trees break apart or suffer dieback, so I am concerned about how they will do years from now if I leave them there. These are far enough away from the house that they are not causing any safety issues, other than being a branch dropping while being under them. I have a one year old now so that is a factor too.

Please let me know your thoughts/opinions on whether I should keep one or none of the cherry trees. I would rather remove them now, while they are easy to get to and easier to take down without damaging surrounding landscape and the yard. I really do enjoy them though and all of the wildlife they attract. :)



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