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New to plant care. Need advice for first house plant. Pachira Aquatica

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

I was given a braided Pachira Aquatica plant for Christmas and am fairly clueless about plant care. Its currently about 2' from the soil and not looking very healthy. Curled leaves, leaves browning and falling off. The new sprouts are curled as well which worries me. But I've learned spring is the best time to re-pot so I'll do that soon. I'm no expert but I believe the pot it's in is too small. It's a squarish 7"×7" pot. So I'm looking for any and all advice about: what sort of potting medium to use, pot size, watering frequency, watering from top or bottom, feeding the plant, how much light to give it, any and everything because want to learn and help this plant thrive. Should I be pruning the ugly malformed leaves? Is the curling and falling of the leaves because of cramped and/or rotted roots as I've assumed? Ive also heard that braided Pachiras aren't as healthy or are harder to care for than single trunk pachiras and wondering if I should somehow undo the braid if possible.. HELP ME! Thanks in advance :)

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