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It's April, 2016. How is your build progressing?

8 years ago

No foolin'- It's April! Spring is really starting to awaken now; ask my allergies! With the warmer weather comes the sound of bulldozers, saws, and nail guns. March was kind of slow, but we had a number of newcomers getting ready to break ground. Getting ready to build? Just moving dirt around? Nearly finished, waiting for move-in day? Please share your pride-and-joy with us!

As our regulars know, I'm just about wrapped up on Phase 1. We have future plans for a basement bedroom and bathroom, permanent power out to the barn, and stairs for the back deck. After four years of construction, though, we (I) decided that with the completion of the baseboards, we were calling it 'done'. I do have one pic to share. I finally got the ceiling fans I wanted for our front porch. I patiently waited two years for them to go on sale, and found them for 20% off! I also added a storm door on the front. I hate that it covers our pretty red door, but I love the light and ventilation that it adds to our foyer.

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