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Can I use scott's weed and seed after using weed-b-gon?

6 years ago

I live in central Texas and have what I can only assume is buffalo grass. Several months ago, I noticed a pretty serious weed problem developing. After waiting way too long, I went out and got some weed-b-gon for northern and southern lawns and applied it on Easter morning (3/27/16). I assumed it would automatically vary the concentration, but I somehow ended up putting about 7x too much! I did take my time putting it on, but to use 1/7th that amount, I would have practically had to run around the yard. How did I screw that up? Well, after some googling, I decided the best course of action would be to water the hell out of it, so for the last 5 days I have done just that. Although it turned a little brown at first, it is starting to green back up, and I am seeing some progress with the weed situation - some are dying at least. Next, I read that the best way to beat those weeds would be to fertilize so that the grass can choke out the weeds. So being a lawn care newbie, I went and bought Scott's turf builder weed and seed (granular product). Would it be safe to apply this on this coming Sunday, one week after spraying the liquid weed killer? I have read that a week for normal fertilization is fine, but given that I overused the weed killer, and this product is also a weed killer, I am little apprehensive. Should I wait longer? Return it and get a stand alone fertilizer? I'm obviously a beginner and would appreciate any advice given.

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