Hardwood flooring install a 48 day nightmare. Should we pay our bill?

5 years ago
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We were having hardwoods installed in our living and dining rooms (wall recently taken down so now one big room). They were to match the existing hardwood floor in our kitchen. Flooring arrived on Jan. 21st and workers arrived on Jan. 25th to begin the installation. Within an hour (forgive me but my computer does not do commas anymore) the man in charge told me that the wood wasn't the same as the wood in the kitchen. They ordered red oak and it should have been white oak. They told me there would be a slight difference in color when they stained it so gave me an option to keep it or not. I have waited 15 years for this so I wanted it done correctly. They ordered the new wood and told me it would be 3 -4 weeks for it to be milled and shipped. That is 3-4 weeks without an oven or stove (we had taken our old one out and sold it because we wanted new and it had to be moved anyway as they were sanding and restaining our kitchen floor too so the rooms flowed).

So at this point we had subflooring in our foyer. living and dining rooms.

We lived for 48 days with an 11 foot long kitchen table. 8 chairs. our fridge. all of our livingroom furniture. a buffet. rolled up rugs. 2 sets of doors.

mirrors. artwork.lamps. dishes...all shoved into our family room. Not to mention that I tried to cook for a family of 5 on a 2 burner hot plate and a microwave.....

Finally 24 days later they began installing the new wood. Without making this post any longer than it already is I will just say it took 4 tries of sanding and staining and poly before they got the living room to look somewhat passable. I am not picky. They even agreed it kept looking bad. (One time they said they used different sand paper and shouldn't have. Another time they said the sander was acting up. Another time they blamed one of the workers....) It was not the fault of the wood as some areas looked great. Unfortunately the best part of the floor is in my foyer closet.

My floor has blotches. My floor is almost black at my front door and they sanded so much that the grooves are gone there as well. Sad when your mom comes over and says "well just put a rug there".

We paid $5000 down before they started. Our outstanding bill is $4900. It took them 48 days. I had to cancel 2 events that were scheduled at my house. I had to clean up the dust from 3 sanding jobs. I had to patch several holes in my walls. We ate out tons and spent a fortune on food.

Question? My husband doesn't plan on paying them a penny more. At this point I feel they are lucky we don't sue them. Your thoughts?? Pix is of our family room. This is where we ate. watched tv.... Only good thing was that my husband liked having the fridge so close to his spot on the couch!

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