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Macho Mocha Mangave recovery

bostedo: 8a tx-bp-dfw
6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Originally thought last week's hail storm tore up a Macho Mocha mangave set out for planting. But some subsequent damage and other signs point towards a squirrel. Significant portions of about half the leaves were torn off; they nibbled the edges and left the large pieces scattered about. Guess they didn't like it much, but did come back at least once to try it again. This is a new plant to me acquired at a fall swap, so wondering if they recover somewhat from this kind of damage?

Our squirrels seem to either try and ignore or fixate and destroy. In case they've fixated on the mangave, am thinking of re-potting and keeping it in a safer spot close to the house until it regains some mass. Any suggestions on a good potting mix for these? TIA

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