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Pendant light over outdoor dining table?

6 years ago

We would like to install better lighting over our 60" round outdoor dining table, located on an open air patio. I've looked at string lights suspended with a cable from nearby trees, but I don't think that's quite what we want. (Hard to configure given positions of appropriate nearby trees.)

So I am thinking about suspending a single, outdoor-rated pendant light over the middle of the table. It would be suspended from a weather-proof metal cable running between just two of the trees, which are sturdy and well-positioned for this approach. (We have a 120v GFCI outdoor outlet at the base of one of the trees.)

Has anyone seen examples of this type of outdoor lighting? I've seen pendant lights used over tables in pergolas and under covered patios, but not over a table that is open to the sky. (We live in a mild climate, so ice/snow is not an issue.) Any fixture recommendations? Any thoughts on installation?

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