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adding sunroom OR an addition? Help me decide - Pros and Cons?

6 years ago

I really really need a she-cave. My husband has taken up at least a third of our living room for an office, and a very messy office at that. Papers and boxes everywhere. I need some place for myself that is clean and uncluttered, where I can relax !!!! I am looking into both 4 season sunrooms OR putting on an addition, approx. 15x20 or l2x15. Both are very expensive, in the $30-$40K range. I will use it like a living room, watch TV, read, etc. It will be on the east side of our house, right off the living room. I was told by one "sunroom" vendor, that an addition would actually be less expensive than building a Sunroom.
PLEASE point out the pros and cons of each. I've never had anything built before in my life. P.S. There is no way my husband is going to change, and my living room just keeps getting more cluttered every year. So no hope there.........!

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