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How do you move your trees in and out during early spring extremes

In my house I have windows that range from 7 layers glass, 5 layers, 4, 3, 2, down to 1 layer of glass to expose my plants to light intensity. Out side I place my plants on the north side of the house to get morning and evening sun only so I don,t burn the leaves.

This window setup has a single glass storm window backing up the triple glass rope, weight, and pulley windows of 1887 that came with my house. sensitive transplants or new grafts go on the shelf to get 3 + 3 + 1 layer of glass protection. My trees will go on the ledge and the window gets lowered to the pot rim. The air between the storm window and the ripple glass window warms 20F were my new citrus growth grows. The window to the right is plain quadruple glass top bottom.
In this window the sun passes through 7 layers glass to warm the rooting fig cuttings. The glass frame keeps the sun off the cuttings & buds.

When frost is a problem and plants must come in and out I will bag my trees up and place them in the much cooler air and in shade to drop the leave temperature much slower "15 minutes" then I un-bag the trees and move them into the sun. The temperate difference is much smaller in the evening so I can usually bring them into the mud room and into the house with out the bags.

Moved into the sun for photo and then un-bagged for full sun.

What tricks do you use to increase results during transition times.

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