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Lithtops problem. Leaves? Water?

Dan Ale Zh
7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

I have two lithops with two heads. One of the lithops is growing and their old leaves are dried out completely. On the another hand, my second lithops is having a little problem, one of the head is getting soft on both new leaves and another head (one leaves is dried out but other is not yet).

Both lithops have not received water since i got them ( 4 weeks ago).

1) Lithop 1 : Should I start to water this one? I see a little wrinkle on their leaves. Old leaves are dried out completely.

2) One of the head new leaves are getting soft and the other head has one old leaves wrinkled and the another old leaves not wrinkled yet. What should i do to this one?? Should i cut the roots to separate these lithops into two heads?

Should i start water this one? The head on the left side old leaves are dried out and the new leaves are so soft :(

The head on the right side is growing new leaves inside the new leaves? weird one.

Any advise would be helpful.

Thank you,


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