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New house, new garden 2, unknown plants, suspected weed id

7 years ago

Another couple unknowns in the New House Garden! Philadelphia pa zone 7a.

There are several small gardens here, cultivated until this past spring/summer. I imagine the task had become too great for the owner by then, and some things got a little out of control. Some roses were pruned for rejuvenation and the currents and grapes harvested and cut back by family members, and the lovely veggie/herb garden tended.

But as we all know, things have a way of getting out of control before you know it. Clearly, He loved this garden, so I am trying to see what the ground gives me as the year passes and watching closely. Exciting stuff and so interesting to watch someone else's garden come to life so closely!! :-)

This new yard is oddly free of the common nuisance weeds I had at my old garden at the apartment, which was a many year effort to get under control. Its only a few blocks from here, but so far I see almost no signs of the unwanted things I dealt with there. Some prostrate clover, a couple dandelions, but very little else far. Not even a wild violet, which I kind of wish were here! (I know, but I like them!) SO happy that I see no goutweed, and especially no signs of Pinellia ternata here…yet. I battled that with a vengeance, and was FINALLY coming through as the victor after years of careful digging. I pray there is none here, and so far so good, though it still is a bit early to tell. That hell, my friends, I would wish on no one!

Still, that is making it a challenge to id some things I suspect I don’t want. The out of control mint patch was a no brainer, but other things are still a question. Here it is sunnier far more hours of the day, so I suppose there are different considerations, weed wise. ;-) I know more shade loving weeds, I suppose, as well as shade/less than full sun-loving plants as they emerge, apparently.

I believe this is a weed. I think I recognize it from my old apartment garden as such. However, I’m being extra careful and observant to make sure that I am not pulling up anything I may want to be keeping, and that seems to include some keepers that are growing in unlikely places, or outside known borders.

This is growing in too many places and I think it is a weed I don’t want. I’m getting tricked by early growth here after a bunch of early mild weather and am surprised to see a bud on such a short plant. Still, I think this is all the same plant, and not one that necessarily belongs among the known daisies and other things I see coming up. I used to have an Id for this, if it is indeed the weed i think it is, but would like your suggestions as I can’t remember what I had id it as in the past.

Taken on two different days in different light, but same type of plant, I am sure. Small bud showing on one already, maybe a white flower, making me think it is a weed I AM familiar with, but confused that the bloom is already showing so low to the ground. Weird early warm weather though this month could explain it.The last two photos are what i think are the same plant but with an odd looking leaf, a mutant? Maybe not though. One photo has a brick in the background for some scale of the larger of the plants.

What say you, gardenwebbers?? What is this plant?? Thank you for your time!!!

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