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More cold air coming

8 years ago

Hi everyone,

The past 6 weeks or more have been so warm for most of the time, that this weekend's freeze seemed unusual. As we all know, we can get freezes in Oklahoma well into April and even later. Unfortunately, it looks like this early Spring may be like that. I looked at several of the weather models out to the middle of April, and the general consensus is we are going to be in this on again, off again cold/warm roller coaster at least until then. Our freezing weather is likely not over. We'll get another little, brief cold spell later this week. It shouldn't be as bad as this weekend was. The one on deck for next week looks worse right now. Anything can happen with the forecasts, and usually does. So this isn't set in stone, of course. However, if you had to take measures to protect your veggies this past weekend, you'll probably need to do it a few more times during the next month.


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