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Questions about the features of climbing roses (7b)

8 years ago

About climbers...
1. a 3.5' tall stucco wall that runs East and West, good exposure. Can I use a Don Juan, Golden Showers, or Pinata to extend along the top of the wall and cascade from the top with showy blooms? Should I plant the rosebush on the Westernmost part of the wall so that it grows toward the morning sun?
2. Partly shady eastern patio with a cupola-type affair. Scent would be important here. What type of available rose should I plant? Could I use any of the above mentioned ones?
3. 10' pillars on my North facing garden. Could I support any of the above to extend upward and arch? If so, do you think they would arch toward the East?
Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. Oh, and my garden colors are orangey (like the Austrian Copper orange/red) and purple (hyacinth color).

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