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Range hood wish list - help needed choosing a hood

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

We're looking at under-cabinet 36" range hoods. Our cooktop is a 5-burner 59K BTU (Bosch 800 series). I will never use all five burners at once. Maybe three burners on occasion, but typically only two at a time.

My range hood wish list:

  • Works with existing 6" ducting
  • Baffle
  • CFM: 400 min to 700 max
  • Buttons (rather than switches or knobs)
  • Quiet on low speeds. I expect noise at high speed!
  • Under $700

Finding such a hood is harder than I thought, mainly because I like to read reviews and I'm having trouble finding any (or many). Here are the ones I've been looking at:

  • Windster RA 34L - 520cfm. Would be perfect, but I hesitate because I simply can't find any reviews.
  • Kobe's CHX91 - 680cfm. looks like everything we want, but apparently it's horrible to install.
  • Zephyr Hurricane - 695cfm. Great reviews and price, but it has residue cups instead of filters. Does anyone have experience with this model? Is it hard to clean?
  • Zephyr Tempest I - 650cfm. On sale, it's still a little out of our price range. I can't find many reviews of this one either.

I'd love feedback on these or comparable hoods. Thanks for being an awesome community!