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Shaded East-Facing Garden...Hopeless for Vegetable Gardening?

6 years ago

Wonderful Gardeners,

I'm quite new to gardening, especially so with vegetable gardens. I moved into a home a couple of years ago and focused on flowers. Vegetables seemed like they would be impossible to grow in the east-facing lot which is really tiny and also shaded by two large trees.

Last fall, I tried to grow kale since it is a cool weather vegetable but lost the battle to slugs who loved the young leaves. What's interesting is that, half of this small lot is covered by a large deck which gets the sun first and by noon the shade takes over. The other half then gets covered by the shade of the trees so the sun does not get to descend directly on anything I grow there.

From your experience, are there any vegetables, that might thrive in the summer, that I could try and grow. I am happy to get containers and grow some things on the deck since it gets bright morning sun. What would be your recommendations, if it is possible?

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