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Where to put food/microwave in this kitchen?

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

Hi, we have put an offer into this house. Three years ago, (with the help of this forum), we built a large, great house. But it is really far from everything, and for a host of reasons, we are considering downsizing greatly to a beautiful 1916 bungalow. The kitchen has an induction range, beautiful cabinets, cork flooring, and some really neat lighting.

One problem is, there is currently no microwave, and relatively little space for food. The pantry to the right of the fridge is only four inches deep or so. (Certainly compared to our large walk-in pantry now.)

One possibility is to put the microwave on a microwave cart to the left of the sliding door, but I worry this will look really funny.

Another possibility is to do some demolition and do a built-in microwave cabinet in that same spot, maybe making the sliding door a swinging door instead. Then we could have more room for food, too.

The easiest option is to put it on the counter to the left of the fridge, but that would take up valuable counterspace which would also likely house the stand mixer.

We have three kids and probably more in the future, and we use the microwave constantly.

Thanks so much for any thoughts!

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