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The Rose Rosette Eradication Alliance You Tube Videos

Laurel Zito
7 years ago

The Rose Rosette Eradication Alliance You Tube Video

I wanted to share this video with the rose forum on garden web because they are saying there is no such way to have cut off the diseased cane and have the rose recover. I am putting in new roses at my vacation home in Ukiah. It is hot in the summer unlike San Francisco and I was looking forward to growing roses better then before, but unfortunately three of the roses I have purchased already have come down with Rosette. But, luckily I did not put them in the garden yet, because the soil prep I need to do before hand is very extensive. I am now watching the rest of the roses to see if they will turn up with Rosette. I also want to comment that some of the Roses came from Regan Nursery. I would not have mentioned this, but Regan is actually going out of business this year. They have move because Fremont is seizing the land. The people at Regan are very nice and I don't want to hurt them, but yet, I don't want to see Rosette spread. I am thinking maybe all roses will end up beginning completely extinct if this plague continues. So, Regan picked a great time to go out of business or change to a smaller location and not carry roses at anymore? I don't know really, but now is a good time to get out of the rose business. I don't think own roots roses are safe from Rosette either. It can spread by a mite called eriophyid mite (Phyllocoptes fructiphilus). And you would have to spray twice a week to kill all of the mites, and moreover I can't find any agreement on what to spray or what kills the mites. Also the mites can come to your from the neighbors roses, even if you spray twice a week, and many people want no spray gardens. I don't think spraying is a solution, and its not a cure.

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