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Compost That Contains Weed Seeds!!???

8 years ago

My 12" high raised bed garden started with 3/4 virgin prairie dirt to which I added 1/4 well composted sheep manure from a local farmer. It remained weed free for years until that farmer sold all of his sheep manure and I started adding a different brand.

Suddenly, I started having weeds. I know they were from the compost and NOT from birds or the wind because I had weeds that we don't have here like STINGING NETTLE!!! I didn't know what it was until I grabbed and yanked. Man, that stuff is wicked!! My hands burned like fire for a long time!

So now I am wondering... I am starting a new garden. Is there a reliable brand from a Big Box Store like Lowe's (the only one we have here) that I can purchase from that would be fewer weeds? Your expert advice would be appreciated. I am listing this on the tomato board because I know you all are the King of Compost! Thank you for your help!

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