IKEA Kitchen ordering questions

5 years ago

I have a LOT of cabinets to order - between the kitchen pantry, laundry and desk it's around 60 boxes - many of them the large "wall" type variety. I THINK the cost will be about $18K.

Obviously, I will pay the reasonable fee to have these delivered. :D and will want them delivered from their warehouse / distribution center - I am NOT in a hurry.

I am working out how to maximize "using" the 15% off - so this may be 4-5 orders (sigh - they had to make it difficult, didn't they?)

My question is on ordering and payment:

Do I have to go in person to order? If so - do I have to have a credit card with $19K available or is there a way to do a bank check / debit card / draft / etc?

If I have to go in person - I am thinking about a Tuesday morning would be about the best time.

Thanks to anyone who has done a fairly substantial order / delivery with IKEA - appreciate it!

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