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Non or slow rotting raised bed building material

7 years ago

As mentioned, I would like to make some raised beds. I have the beds already, but they are ground level now. I have bad arthritis in my right knee. I can use the beds as is, but, it is literally a pain to do so. I have seen wooden planks that you stack up, and even the metal corners that you can buy, and get your own planks. What is the best, and hopefully cheapest wood or woodlike material to use to highten the beds, and not have to replace too often. I know cedar or cypress (from older trees) is good, maybe even Redwood, but, I am talking about somethink I can get at the local Big box store. I am thinking something like "trexdek" if I can get it locally. I THINK that it is a plastic coated wood. If anyone knows, is that what it is? Or, how do you guys/gals build up your beds? I have a decent idea of how to fill the beds, soil, compost some peat mixed in, some soil conditioner (wood fines) mixed in with soil. ETC. Thanks to any answers.

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