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Any chance of spring planting hyacinths for bloom if nights are cool?

6 years ago

I just bought hyacinth bulbs from a company called Van Zyverden. I found out too late that because hyacinths are spring blooming they should be planted in the fall. It's my understanding that the bulbs need the cold to activate blooming, and a 6-8 week period in a refrigerator does the trick if the bulbs weren't planted in the ground or a container outside in the fall. I can't know if the bulbs were in a cold warehouse or what. They appear to be sprouting already.

What I'm wondering is if where I live the nights are still fairly cool for a few weeks (upper 30s to mid 40s) with the daytime going to upper 60s at most is it still possible to get blooms if I plant in containers outside?

I can never find these bulbs locally and don't want to return them if there's a chance they might bloom. I know I would have to plant them anyway if I plan on a bloom next year because they'd have to have a growing period (unlike seeds).

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