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What is the EASIEST & FASTEST way to choose bathroom tile / counter

8 years ago

Maybe somebody will have a nugget of wisdom here.

Having been going through all kinds of agonizing selections in a remodel (appliances, floors, skylights, windows, front door, plumbing and electrical overhaul, engineering, kitchen everything, fireplace, interior doors) I'm getting selection fatigue. For bathrooms, I'm wondering how can i make this easier? We already have a sense of general style (toilets / fixtures / tubs / vanities picked). So really it's "just" tile, countertop and later paint. And some lighting and mirrors or medicine cabinets. Not worried about paint.

You'd think how hard can it be, but my past experience proves I can make it pretty hard (like we all can)! Note: don't confuse speed and ease w/ quality - making the right choice is of course still paramount. Maybe it's just flipping through ideabooks, but even that can overwhelm w/ so many good ideas.

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