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Choose DCS or Kitchenaid 48 inch dual fuel range? Or NXR gas?

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Hi, we are in the market for a 48 inch range and although we originally considered Thermador (also looked at Capital, BS, Berta, etc.), we now have constrained our budget to $6500. Just found 2 diff't deals and could get either a DCS dual fuel in that budget or a KA (dual fuel) for about $800 less than the DCS.

I bake quite a lot so was hoping for dual fuel, especially b/c we are on propane ($$$!), so that is appealing--normally dual fuel was too pricey for our budget. Both the DCS and KA come w/ 1 year factory warranties and are more or less out of the box, except for a scratch or two on the KA. We read everything we could find in past posts but there are not nearly as many posts as there are for other brands like BS, Viking, etc., so would love to hear any thoughts on this decision. Saw some comments online about the control panel on the KA, the difficulty of cleaning the DCS (?), and the noise of the fans for both.

Another idea is, for even less $, to get the NXR 48" range from Costco. Really know very little about that one though.

Thanks for any advice or thoughts.

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